Gifts That Wine-Loving, Book-Devouring Moms Will Adore

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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. If you ask your mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, she’ll probably tell you that there’s nothing she needs – and that may be true. But true or not, the special mom in your life still deserves pampering and a reminder of how much she’s loved. Here are some gift ideas for the wine-loving and book-loving moms you know.

Gifts for moms who love wine and books

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Gifts For Moms Who Love Wine

Personally, I think it’s appropriate that we start with the mom who enjoys her glass of wine at the end of the day. Whether she’s been chasing little ones, has been at work all day, or is simply tired, lots of us enjoy a sip or two (or five) of our favorite wine in the evening as we wind down from the day’s activities.

Wine rack – This wrought iron wine rack will blend with lots of decors and holds up to 18 bottles. At 24″ x 18″ it doesn’t take up too much space.

If the other wine rack is a little larger than you’d like, this table top wine rack holds up to 12 bottles. I actually have this one and it fits nicely on top of a little refrigerator that I used to keep in my office that is now in our master bedroom. This arrangement does make it easy to have a few bottles chilling while others sit in the rack. It’s a pretty perfect setup if you ask me.

These Freeze Cooling wine glasses are popped in the freezer and then your wine is kept at a nice temperature while you sip it.

These wine sipper glasses caught my attention simply because they look like fun. I’m not enough of a wine connoisseur that the warming of the wine means a lot to me, but I like the idea of a sippy wine cup. But if you know a mom who is serious about her wine, this might be just the thing.

While mom is enjoying relaxing with her favorite wine, she might enjoy putting her feet up and putting on these Bring Me Some Wine Socks. After all, they do tell anyone who notices them exactly what they can bring mom to make her just a little happier!

This I Do Yoga wineglass will tickle mom’s funny bone. She might really love yoga – or she might love doing her stretches on the couch. Either way, this is a wine glass everyone in the house will know is hers!

Now I have to admit that this I Teach Therefore I Drink wine glass made me laugh. I was a teacher and administrator for a very long time – and trust me, teacher moms NEED this!

Coasters are always good and these wine coasters are even better.

Gifts For the Book Loving Mom

If you know a mom who likes to curl up and read in bed or on the couch, the Book Seat will mold to any shape and allows her to read hands-free. That makes it SO much easier to enjoy her book and glass of wine at the same time!

Lots of us that read in bed could use a Bed Caddy with Pockets. I know that I get tired of my nightstand being covered with magazines, notebooks, and my latest book or Kindle. It’s nice to at least pretend that things are organized – and a caddy to keep those miscellaneous items makes it a reality.

Many readers enjoy the escape that reading gives them. There’s something about discovering and visiting far away places that makes the experience even more wonderful. These Eiffel Tower Bookends are perfect for the reader who enjoys the fantasy (or reality) of traveling and wants to capture that while keeping books close at hand.

Here’s another set of beautiful bookends that very similar to ones that I own. These Teal Agate Geode Bookends are heavy enough that they won’t get knocked over when you pull a book out. I love mine!

Can a book lover have too many bookmarks? Definitely not. This package of 28 bookmarks is a petty solution to the problem of scrambling for something to mark your spot in the book without damaging pages.

Of course, lots of us who are devour books have switched to reading the digital versions. I happen to love my Kindle Fire. I admit that I was a holdout because I love the feel of an actual book. So I’m a hybrid – I read books in both forms. Jungle Jim just got a plain black cover for his Kindle, but I wanted something prettier for mine. I really like this Kindle cover with flowers on it (I ordered it for myself). It also makes it easy for us to tell them apart.

I’d be happy with any of the suggestions on this list (of course, I already own several of the items on this list!). If you’ve got a sassy, wine-loving, book-devouring mom that you’re shopping for, I hope you find the perfect gift. It doesn’t even hurt if that mom is you.

What’s on your personal wish list?

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