What is P R I M E?

Each letter in the word PRIME represents one component of a well-balanced life.

PRIME, as I define it is this:

P = your Physical self

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This is everything concerning your health, beauty, diet, and fashion.

R = your Relationships

50q 736 tall treatment-1327811As women, our lives are often centered around caring for others. This is where we’ll talk about our significant others, our families, our friends, our communities. If it concerns other people, it’s fair game.

I = your Inner Self

50q 736 tall heart-741497 As a former educator I believe that a day in which you learn something new is a good day. A personal goal of mine is to try to read more, to stay abreast of current events, and to become more of the person I believe I’m supposed to be. This is where you’ll find information about personal development, balancing work and life (in other words, getting your act together), education, and of course, some teacher stuff since that was my life for many years.

M = your Money

50q 736 tall dollar-941246I’ve often told my daughter that money doesn’t make us happy, but that the lack of money can make us unhappy. I’ve tried to work to improve my own financial well-being through frugality, wise money skills, and smart shopping. I know that I still have much to learn in this area, but I’m determined to not stick my head in the sand and then wonder why I’m broke. Whether you’re looking for a new recipe, a DIY project, an idea for your home, organizational tips (because being organized saves us money),or basic money information, you’ll find it here.

E = your need to Escape

50q soap-bubbles-801927We all need a break every now and then. Life can be tough and making time for fun is essential if we’re to be our happiest selves. Escape doesn’t necessarily mean a week at the beach or spa (although I wouldn’t turn down either one). Escape is about purposely and intentionally finding ways to bring joy into our lives. I’m a big proponent of what’s been called “joy jolts” because for most of us the big things in life don’t come around often enough. This makes it essential to find joy in the little things that make our life more pleasurable. What brings you joy and when was the last time you experienced it? What can you incorporate into your life and home to make it run more smoothly?

PRIME is for you if:

  • You’ve ever wished that life came with an instruction book
  • You wish you had someone to talk to about the issues in your life – an older sister or a friend who’s been where you are now
  • You’re looking for tips and advice to help you juggle your many roles and responsibilities
  • You feel like you are becoming the woman you were meant to be
  • You recognize that life is a journey and want to make the most of it

I decided on the name of this blog after coming to terms with the fact that I’d never be 20 again, or even 30. As a woman in her 50s I feel that I’ve finally come in to the prime of my life. While my body isn’t as thin and toned as it used to be, and my face isn’t as tight and unlined as it was in the past, I actually have more confidence in who I am than I did when the physical side of me was “better”. At least when it was better according to the “experts”. But what do experts know about anyone else’s life anyway?

So, are you a woman in her prime? It’s not about age. You can be a woman in your prime no matter where you are on a timeline or career path. Being a woman in your prime is about finally realizing that you have one life and embracing the chaotic, mish-mash, ever-changing miracle that it is while also working to improve and redefine yourself at each stage and in each area.

You probably have lots of interests. I know I do. Whether it’s finding a new recipe, a tip to help me look and feel better, an idea to try out around the house, or hints to make my money stretch farther, or merely contemplating the human condition and the big life lessons, I’m interested in it all.  Women are complicated. We’re multi-faceted and our lives are never about just one thing. So this blog won’t just be about one thing either – it’s about ALL of the facets that make up our lives.

We all want to make the most of our lives. Enjoy the journey.