About Shelley

Hi there! I’m Shelley and I’m glad you stopped by.

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered, “Is this all there is?” Or perhaps the question you’re asking is, “How on earth do I get everything done?”

At A Woman in Her PRIME you’ll find information to help you create your best life. You’ll find articles on how to deal with the myriad of small details that make up daily life:

  • How to save time and money
  • Getting dinner on the table in a hurry
  • Making your home look nice on a budget
  • Getting organized
  • Juggling responsibilities and demands

You’ll find encouragement and advice to help you navigate those big issues as well:

  • Improving relationships with family and friends
  • Self-improvement
  • Bring more joy into your life
  • Find time for yourself

I’ve found that many women struggle with having so many demands and responsibilities that they feel they’re losing themselves. I know because I’ve been there. For years I described my life as “juggling chainsaws”. I had so many different roles to play and responsibilities to manage that I felt I couldn’t drop one without serious risk to myself, my family, and those around me. It’s exhausting – both mentally and physically. That’s why my passion is to provide solutions and encouragement.

On a more personal note, I’m married and have three young adult children (Bubba, Music Man, and Butterfly). A former school teacher and administrator, I’ve recently returned to my hometown after many years of living away. I’m a bit of a political junkie and I have issues I care passionately about. I’m a huge fan of disaster movies, trashy novels (my term for anything that’s not work related), jewelry, bath products, home decorating, and comfortable shoes. I believe that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, that people can tell you no but they can’t kill you, and that a little vanilla in your drink makes everything better.

So grab your beverage of choice and stay awhile! You need a few minutes to chill out and relax and I’m here to help.


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